Join a Bike & Saddle Trip, Earn Eco-Miles, Convert Your Miles To Money & A Donation

Join a Bike & Saddle Trip, Earn Eco-Miles, Convert Your Miles To Money & A Donation

Eco-miles is your currency to affect good. Earn it on every Bike & Saddle Journey, with every mile you bike, hike or paddle.

All photography on this page provided by Big Life Foundation and Great Plains Foundation

For every mile our guests cycle, hike walk or paddle on a Bike & Saddle Journey, they earn one eco-mile or the equivalent of one US Dollar.

At the same time, Bike & Saddle will match the guest earnings and donate the equivalent amount in USD to Big Life Foundation.

Eco-miles can only be donated: Our guests can choose from a number of local beneficiary initiatives encountered during their travels or choose to support Big Life. They can choose to divide their support to more than one local beneficiary, or to both local and Big Life causes.

Either way, support for worthy causes is accrued every 'eco-mile' of the way. 

ride4biglife, 4000 ecomiles


Bike & Saddle founders, Gustav Erlank and Susanne Holste , to mark the one year anniversary of the killing of Cecil the lion, will be cycling 4000miles+ between Portland Oregon and Portland Maine (US), starting on 1 July - #ride4biglife. Follow their trek on Facebook or go to and pledge your own generated by the pair will be donated to Big Life.

You are invited to co-sponsor their eco-miles. For more information on co-sponsor opportunities, visit Big Life's donation page.

“We hope to raise at least $40,000 for #BigLifeAfrica. Big Life Foundation in Africa, through a collaborative effort on all levels, from local community to the international community, works toward the conservation and protection of endangered wildlife. They are on the forefront of a remarkable effort. We here at Bike & Saddle applaud them. And through The EcoMiles Program we now offer our guests and the public at large, the opportunity to support this great initiative.” —Gustav and Susanne, Bike & Saddle Eco-Active Trips and Holidays


Ride For Lions is an extraordinary opportunity to cycle through one of the world's most unique landscapes, while supporting a fundraiser that will ensure the future preservation of  Africa's premier wildlife territories. Lions need land. They need hidden places not always prime Savannah's to breed, to roam as nomads and as a reservoir for their now dwindling numbers. Great Plains Foundation is reaching out to supporters to help fund the leases, and rehabilitation of land and wildlife on these parcels of ex hunting land.

There is around 44 million acres of land in Africa on which lions roam that is unprotected or under hunting management. 60% of the remaining 20-30,000 lions live under no protection at all on this land. Land for Lions is the first step in securing this position.

The EcoMiles Program contributes to Great Plains Foundation with every "eco-mile" cycled on any of Bike & Saddle's Kenya trips. In addition during the Ride For Lions event each year, guests have the option of cycling longer loops and generate additional support and funding for the foundation: individual eco-mile values varies by sponsor for every mile cycled in the event, and co-sponsorship opportunities are welcome and invited. Guests themselves are invited to co-sponsor own miles. 

Bike & Saddle, together with Great Plains Foundation and Big Life Foundation, is co-launching the Ecomiles App in conjunction with the 2017 #Ride4Lions event, that will automatically track eco-miles generated and allow users to allocate benefits to specific beneficiaries, programs and projects. Follow us, for latest news & developments visit our Ecomiles Facebook page.

 A 4-day exploration of Kenya’s priceless Amboseli-Tsavo region

A 4-day exploration of Kenya’s priceless Amboseli-Tsavo region

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