Earn eco-miles (1 eco-mile equals 1 USD) for every mile you cycle, hike or paddle with Bike & Saddle - up to 20 eco-miles per day.

Total eco-miles you can earn on our Victoria Falls Journeys

6 Night 7 Day Tour: 130 eco-miles
4 Night 5 Day Tour: 90 eco-miles
2 Night 3 Day Tour: 70 eco-miles

Purchase additional eco-miles to supplement Bike & Saddle's contribution:

Bike & Saddle sponsors your first 20 miles each day, whether cycled, hiked and/or paddled, to the tune of 1 US Dollar per mile. You can generate more eco-miles though - by sponsoring miles yourself, over-and-above the first twenty miles. Bike & Saddle will verify your miles cycled each day and reconcile at the end of the trip. Just let us know your spending limit.

On a 7-day trip you stand to earn a minimum of 130 eco-miles ($130 USD). Add to that your personal contribution...and through the Eco-Miles Program, donate to any of the beneficiaries in the program.

Read more about the Eco-Miles Program here.